Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reluctant to Run

Lately I have been waking up without that intense desire to lace up my kicks and hit the road... Burnout is something people warned about but I never really considered it, until recently. Last week I was in Chicago for work, preparing for bitter cold I only brought running gear for the treadmill, imagine my disappointment when I open the fitness center door to find only ellipticals and bikes. Deciding the elliptical would suffice I jumped on. The next day, thinking I NEEDED a run I proceeded to run back and forth across my hotel room for over an hour, crazy? Yes, probably. After that experience my mind may be deciding that it needs to give up some of the control that running has on it... Time off might be a good thing. The day I got back I did have an incredible long run, but I attribute it more to my return to sunny San Diego after enduring a massive rain storm followed up by snow. Debating a run right now.... Thinking I may pass.

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